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                                                                                                         September 16, 2012

West 13th Street
St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church

September-Celebrating St. John's
St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church 1909
North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

"By 1909 the congregation had outgrown the 1900 church building.

"By January 9th 1909 the old building (1909 building, See Blog Post  September 2, 2012.) had been moved to the southeast corner of the property, the architect  (for a new church-Honeyman and Curtis-Link 2.) had been contracted and the plans had been presented.  Building costs were estimated at $4,200, with an additional $300 for heat and light....the present church building, (1900 building) ... would then become the parish hall once the new church was built. 

"On March 3rd, 1909 the cornerstone of the new church was laid and opening service was held on July 29th.  During the summer, a cellar was dug out under the church for storage of firewood for winter heating.  A new pipe organ bought for $2,100 was installed and first used on Sunday, November 19th, 1912.  The 1914 Easter attendance was 269. In 1917 the altar and cross and credence table were dedicated.  The mortgage was paid off in 1920. In 1936 a new belfry was constructed and the bell was installed.


"In 1958 a $45,000 renovation was proposed.  It was to include: increasing the an increase in the seating capacity by 100, improve choir seating, adding a chapel, and further excavation beneath the church, and organ repair or replacement. 

Chancel Area 1960
(Note altar and choir seating facing center.)

"Early in the morning of February 8th, 1985,...St. John's church was on fire!..The cause of the fire was never officially determined.  It likely was arson-a theory which was strengthened by what appeared to be a kicked in hole in the front door where the fire started....(The) 75 year old building had been destroyed....but the ones (stained glass windows) on the south side had come through virtually unscathed. The eagle lectern, a gift when the church was first built, was blackened and cracked.  It became a symbol  for the parish-singed around the edges but still flying God's word to the people. " (REF.)
The Burned Church, 1985

Sanctuary After the Fire 1985

For the next two years the adjacent Memorial Hall, built in 1948, became the church. 

Thank you: To congregation members Jim Lawrence, Donna Lawrence, Alison
                        Brookfield, and Linda Harrison for review of this Blog Post.
Photos: Black and White copied from book by Beth Lawrence by SW.
Reference: Faithful People of God Parish of St. John's North Vancouver
                       by Beth Lawrence.
Link 1:;rad
Link 2:

Note: Entire history of  St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church, see Blog Posts:
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God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen

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